Increasing flexibility and reconfigurability of Radar systems force designers to take into account a huge set of very different requirements and also new type of requirements like the one related to the mixing of functions.

For modern AESA Radar developments the SW is today the major source of cost and probably the biggest source of concerns.

MetaSensing supports the development of Radar by means of its Radar Simulator Suite.

We can offer both SW-only and HW plus SW simulators.

Block Scheme of HW-Scenario Simulator

In particular in the second case the simulators would act as System Validation Instrument.

The Radar Under Test (or a core subsystem) would be interfaced directly with the HW-Simulator.


The Simulator is made of following components:

  • Flight and Trajectory simulator;

  • Scenario Clutter and Jammer Simulator;

  • Antenna Front-End & Signal Generator;

  • Real-Time Display;

SAR  mode – Scenario Generator

The Simulator in this mode generates raw-data as would be collected by a Radar acquisition system. The raw-data correspond to the echoes of a digitized scene.

The simulator can be used also for generation of advanced modes useful for testing GMTI and STAP radar technologies.

Air – to – Air modes

The Simulator in this mode includes statistical (yet reliable) models of Clutter for Air-to-Air engagements.

In this case the focus is on the Real-Time performance, mandatory to verify the capability of the Radar Under Test w.r.t real-time functions like Detection & Tracking.

The Simulator supports verification of hybrid modes like Track-While-Scan.

Range Doppler Map of ground clutter