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It is not always easy or possible to use active radars and install a transmitter due for example to potential interference with existing systems (i.e. in case of an airport).

MetaSensing complements its offer by means of a passive radar.

This kind of radar has the big advantage of being completely passive, usually exploiting commercial broadcast signals as DVB-T transmitters that typically exist in any urban environment.

Opportunity illuminator

(TV, FM, mobile communications etc)

Receiver antenna


Target echo

Direct path

Target illumination

The main advantages of this radar are:

  • Low cost  (no transmitter)

  • Easy to deploy

    • Compact;

    • Low power;

  • Compact

    • DVB-T frequency permits a compact antenna

  • Typical Radar Advantages

    • All weather;

    • Night & Day

The system is built upon the latest architectural concepts and Signal Processing techniques. Its compact antenna is a circular array enabling advanced spatial filtering for adaptive cancellation of clutter and reference.

The system can perform also Passive Coherent Location.

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